Just What the
Doctor Ordered

U.S. Workforce Rx is dedicated to delivering the right medications at the right time, directly to every injured U.S. worker’s home or office. Our model connects patients immediately to a concierge for VIP treatment and access.

Our WorkForce, for every workforce.

As part of the WRS company and mission, we dedicate our efforts to providing expert, multi-modal, non-opioid pain management solutions to patients that suffer from a musculoskeletal injury or chronic pain.

Our goal? To enhance and restore quality of life with a commitment to prevent opioid dependency, once and for all.


Are your patients having problems filling prescriptions you’ve written for them?
As a result, are your patients not getting their prescriptions filled?

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Are you paying too much for your injured worker’s prescriptions? Is your pharmacy benefit manager not delivering the service level you require?

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