We can help you lower the cost of your pharmacy claims by working with injured workers on a case-by-case basis. We evaluate the medications being received and provide you with pricing based upon the state fee schedule.

Do you have injured workers with long term claims, refilling their prescriptions on a regular basis?

Chances are, they're paying the pharmacy or your pharmacy benefit manager the same price as if these prescriptions were for a first-time, one-time fill. Given you are providing repeat, predictable business to the pharmacy, this should warrant a better price -- the best price even.

Our program does not require a long-term contract or a costly and time-consuming implementation process. You simply refer the injured worker to us, and we take it from there. If there are new medications, or if our clinical pharmacists have recommendations for medication changes, we will always include you in the decision process.


Below we have included answers to questions frequently asked by employers. If you do not see your question answered, you can use this form to submit a confidential request, or you can call us at 734-215-2411.

I already have a pharmacy benefit manager, so Can I still use the U.S. WorkForce Rx program?

That depends upon the agreement you have with your PBM. In some cases, PBMs require you to use them exclusively for pharmacy services. If you are not exclusive, you CAN use the U.S. WorkForce Rx program. If you find you are exclusive, you should consider requesting this be removed at your next contract renewal.

I am interested in the program but would like to see some savings numbers --CAn you
provide price quotes for medications in advance of receiving a referral?

Absolutely. Provide us with a 6-12 month prescription history, and we will provide you with a pro-forma cost quotation.

What medications are available through the U.S. WorkForce Rx program?

Potentially any medication is available. However, it must be related to the patient’s on-the-job injury. U.S. WorkForce Rx has developed a proprietary, recommended formulary, based on extensive data, to achieve opioid reduction through a multi-modal approach.  We do adjudicate prescriptions against a standard occupational injury formulary. If we have any questions about medications requested by your patients, we will contact you for clarification.