In a recent prospective study of 15,000 patients, 31% were documented with a non-fulfillment of new prescriptions.*

For injured workers, a contributing factor to this statistic is the hassle patients encounter at the pharmacy.

When you write a prescription for an injured worker, you expect it to be filled.

Unfortunately, when a patient has to wait several hours, or even days for approval, or they have to pay hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket and wait for reimbursement, the likelihood of the prescriptions being filled diminish greatly.

Our team has been helping injured workers receive the prescriptions they need, without the hassle, for over 20 years.


Below we have included answers to questions frequently asked by physicians. If you do not see your question answered, you can use this form to submit a confidential request, or you can call us at 734-215-2411.

Give me a brief explanation of how the U.S. WorkForce Rx program works

Put simply, the U.S. WorkForce Rx program covers the medications you prescribe for your patients’ on-the-job injuries. Patients receive the medication they need via mail, often as soon as next day.  There is no out-of-pocket expense, and U.S. WorkForce Rx handles all the paperwork associated with filing a claim for reimbursement. Once your patient is referred, our concierge will establish a relationship with your patient to understand their needs and assure they will receive their medications when patients need them.

How do I begin using the U.S. WorkForce Rx program?

To offer the U.S. Workforce Rx program to your patients, you can simply e-prescribe or fax prescriptions.

E-Prescribing Information:

VectraRx Mail Order Pharmacy
10860 Mavinee Dr. Suite 100
Oro Valley, AZ
Phone: (855) 245-0092
NCPDP: 0361927
Fax Number: 1-520-844-6151

What medications are available through the U.S. WorkForce Rx program?

Potentially any medication is available, though it must be related to the patient’s on-the-job injury.  U.S. WorkForce Rx has developed a proprietary, recommended formulary, based on extensive data, to achieve opioid reduction through a multi-modal approach.  We do adjudicate prescriptions against a standard occupational injury formulary. If we have any questions about medications, we will contact you for clarification.

Can my patient use U.S. WorkForce Rx if their insurance carrier or employer has directed
them to a different pharmacy?

Yes. While we always recommend patients fill their prescriptions following their insurance carrier or employer’s directions, often times prescriptions for injured workers don’t get filled immediately at a local pharmacy. We have access to the medication and can send it directly to your patient via UPS overnight delivery. There are some states that allow the carrier or employer to direct the patient to a specific pharmacy. If this is the case, we will not fill the prescription, but will assist your patient in locating an approved pharmacy and notify you.

*SOURCE: Tamblyn R, Eguale T, Huang A, Winslade N, Doran P: ‘The incidence and determinants of primary non-adherence with prescribed medication in primary care: A cohort study.’ Ann Intern Med. 2014; 160:441-450.